Ceres Highland Games …. did I mention it’s FREE?

The Ceres Highland Games are held on the last Saturday of June each year. Located at Bow Butts,  a greenspace in the small town of Ceres,  the Games reminded me of a high school track and field meet,  but with kilts.  At any given time,  there were 3 or 4 competitions underway.  The most dramatic involved hurling large bundles of burlap over an ever taller goalpost.


Meanwhile,  there were dancers, bagpipers, cyclists and runners running around the edge of the field, archery, and shot put.  We found a place to sit on the hill above the field and watched the wrestling.  I’m not sure if it was styled as a tournament?  But it seemed the same 3 or 4 wrestlers,   shirtless, and kilted,  wrestled over and over again against each other.  I was tired for them!  Their nearby cheering sections were loud and raucous,  in a good way.  It was a gorgeous, warm day,  so the Games were crowded with families.  I’m sure there were other tourists there,  but it felt like a very authentic Scottish experience.  I would definitely recommend. And best of all –  virtually no hills to walk up!



not your typical Scottish skies…


Oldest had a big day (and, well, a big night before too ;)).  He crashed on the train ride back to Edinburgh.  Say it with me … awwwwwwww!